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This page shows a number of ways that you can contact us, including our mailing address and contact information. If you would like to send us an email, please complete the form at the bottom of the page and click the "Send Email" button.

Club Info

Payment Address
Dana Hoppes, ODTC Registrar
4421 Carroll Manor Road
BaldwinMD  21013
United States of America
Official / Street Address
9 Azar Ct.
HalethorpeMD  21227
United States of America
Phone Number

Club Contacts

Data Protection Officer
Sally Josselyn
Russell Bobb
Vice President
Janet L Gauntt
Mary Anne Dresler
Kara L O’Connor
Communications Director
Jessica Lewis
Membership Director
Lori Bessenhoffer
Agility Training Director
Cindy Deubler
Obedience Training Director
Sue Carlton
Other Activities Training Director
Suzanne M Cox
Racing Sports Training Director
Carle Lee Detweiler
Tracking Training Director
Linda L Hulbert
Board Member At Large
Felicia Wynn
Dana C Hoppes
Discipline Committee Chairperson
Monique Bocock
Newsletter (The Dumbbell) Editor
Sheila Saville
Building Maintenance
Melvin L Knight
Seminars & Workshops
Sheila J Mehring
Sally Josselyn
Announcements Manager
Sally Josselyn
Assistant Webmaster
Janet L Gauntt
Calendar and Building Rental Coordinator
Michele Long
Agility Equipment Manager 1
isabel martinez
Agility Equipment Manager 2
Sue Clark
Francine Bethea
Electronics Manager
Robert Novak
Puppy, Basic and Adv. Basic Obedience
Sue Carlton
Obedience Show 'n Go's
Sue Carlton
Intro Level Agility Classes
Cindy Deubler

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